Decorating Your Home for Casual Look

The Elemets of Casual style Decorating

Homey, Warm, Comfortable, Inviting

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Decorating your Home
            For a Casual Look
Do you long for a casual style room that is homey, warm, comfortable and inviting? 
Who doesn't want to be comfortable in their own home? 
Casual rooms have simple details, textured elements in fabrics and accessories, restful horizontal lines, soft upholstery, low-luster surfaces, and arrangements that avoid perfect symmetry. Detail are simple, and elements are rectangular or softly curved.
Casual decorating is easily incorporated into rustic, French Country, Cottage, Shabby Chic, or American Country  decorating styles.
With people enjoying more relaxed lifestyles, many homes today are totally decorated using the elements of casual decorating.
But any home can incorporate the elements into most any room and make it feel comfortable.   
The Elements of Casual 
      Style Decorating
Furniture in a casual interior is soft and comfortable. Upholstered pieces are usually oversized and slipcovered.
Many pieces of upholstered furniture are covered in neutral colors, such as tan, grey, beige or off-white. But other colors are used, too. Soft pastels give a peaceful feeling. Or try darker tones such as navy, rust,olive or forest green, wine and cranberry for punch.
Fabrics on furniture and pillows are usually textured, rather than shiny. Interesting weaves of natural fibers like cotton, linen, wool are typical. New synthetic weaves give a natural look and add durability.
For special accents on upholstered pieces, add ruffles, pleats, buttons, ribbons, or cording. Contrasting colored details incorporate the full range of colors in the room.

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