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Custom Leather Upholstery
Fine leather upholstery used to be found in the dens and living rooms of only the very wealthy. 
Heavy traditional styles and the use of strong colors such as burgandy, oxblood, burnt orange, rust, walnut, tortoise, navy and blackberry characterized the category. these leathers generally have heavily glazed, shiny finished. Massive, traditional chesterfields, tufted wing chairs, traditional saddle-arm and double bustie pub sofas characterized leather upholstered furniture styles.
Today due to advances in tanning technology and style innovations, sales of upholstered furniture with leather covers has grown at tremendous pace.
Contemporary styled leather upholstery has emerged as a strong selling category with broad consumer appeal. Not only has the styling of upholstered pieces changed, the leather used to cover contemporary pieces, now comes in a wide variety of designer colors and is generally soft, pliable, and comfortable. The way leather is applied to frames has also changed. Leather is now gathered, pleated, and draped in much the same way as fabric covers.   
Types of upholstery Leather
Leather is made from animal hides that are converted through a many step process, which preserves, softens, beautifies, and protects the finished product. 
Only a small percentage of hides are used to make upholstery leathers, which must have large sections that are free from serious blemished. Whereas it takes only a small piece of leather to make a good shoe, a sofa cushion requires a large panel of high quality leather.
It is important to understand the differences between the basic types of upholstery leathers , because the kind of leather used on an upholstered piece greatly affects its cost, wearability, and beauty. Although the terminology may seem confusing at first, it is actually very straightforward. As part of the involved upholstery leather preparation process, suitable animal hides are split into atoplayer (the one that had hair on it) and a thick lower layer.
The top layer also called top grain, can either be processed into full grain leather which is not buffed and sanded, showing the natural grain of the leather.
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