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Custom Marine Upholstery in San Diego

The Best Source for Restoring to Their Original Condition

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Custom Built Furniture, Window Treatments, Bedding, Reupholstery and Home Accessories
We have designed, manufactured and refurbished impeccable upholstery for over 45 years .
The yachting world is based on tradition, and we are proud to be  a part of that legacy. Our upholstery, repel moisture and mildew, resist fading, and offer a world of comfort.
We open for business 1962, We Don't just sale upholstery, We sell consistency and service. We work for builders, captains, brokers, designers and owners who work on tight deadlines and demand attention to detail. We employ talented master craftsmen and woman who are experts in marine textiles and vinyls. Our experienced craftsmen and women offer unparalleled creative and technical talent. Most important, we stand behind our work. We've  been delivering quality  products, on time at a fair price.
Custom Marine Upholstery 
Our cushions and covers repel moisture and mildew, resist fading 
and offer a world of comfort, we offer the unique knowledge and 
service required for our luxury home customers using the same 
materials and manufacturing techniques that have us the premier  
custom marine upholstery & coverings designer in southern california 
Yacht and Patio's commonly requested products include.

Patio Chaise and seat cushions 
Patio Custom furniture covers
Outdoor Sofas and Seating
Custom BBQ Covers


Yacht & Patio Home Products
The Best Source for Restoring to their Original Condition

San Diego, Custom Upholstery, Quality Furniture